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Supporting Member Organizations

Supporting member organizations of EABPM are legally independent national associations in Europe which focus their activities on all or some of the following areas of expertise:

  • Process management
  • Business organization
  • General management
  • Quality management

Board Members EABPM


Furthermore EABPM maintains an intensive cooperation with ABPMP International based in the USA and with Chapters worldwide.

Current members and partners of EABPM

Club des Pilotes de Processus,
France, Paris
logo-gfo Gesellschaft für Organisation e.V., Germany, Hannover
Logo SGO schmal Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Organisation und Management, Switzerland, Zürich
oevo Österreichische Vereinigung für Organisation und Management, Austria, Wien
ABPMP-Logo-Lockups_FINAL_OL_3 Strategic partner of IABPM is the American “Association of Business Process Management Professionals”, ABPMP, Illinois, USA

Become a member of EABPM

If your association or organization is interested in becoming a member of EABPM please contact EABPM by using the address details on the contact page contact or one of the current member organization.

As a principle there is one organization by country that is a member of EABPM. A number of national organizations may however ally and become one member organization.

EABPM is a not for profit organization and does not pursue any economical or lucrative purposes.

In order to avoid conflicts of interest members of EABPM are in general non-profit organizations that do not operate a training or consulting business. Should an interested organization operating to some extent as or like a business, statutory and organizational measures would be necessary to secure the necessary neutral character and independence of the certifications.


Article 1, Formation, Purpose

The parties, form a civil law association, in the intention to develop and to spread the body of thought of the Business Process Management (BPM); to make the meaning of this specialist area accessible to a broad professional relevant public, and encourage a professional realization. Therefor a common knowledge platform shall be created and developed continuously (Common body of Knowledge), it serves as a foundation for the professional qualification of experts of the BPM. In the countries participating one independent infrastructure shall be established; for the certification of experts to the BPM, according to widely uniform, internationally recognized standards. The IABPM serves to the specification of common requirements and standards and to the coordination of the respective country-specific activities The IABPM does not pursue economic purposes of its own.

Article 2, Parties involved

Beside the founder members further national partners shall be gained, who are willing to pursue the joint objectives. It is the basic requirement that these partners do not pursue primarily economic purposes. As a basic principle, there shall be only one partner per country. It is left to the partners, to work together with other institutions in the respective countries, as far as these are willing to pursue the common objectives.

Article 3, Duration, Cancellation

(1) The association starts on January 1st, 2006. She is constituted for an undefinite time.

(2) Every partner can cancel his membership in the association with a six-month time limit, to the end of a legal year. A cancellation is, however, for the first time possible to December 31st, 2007. The notice of cancellation has to take place in written form to the other partners.

Article 4, Name, Domicile and Financial Year

(1) The society leads the name:
International Association of Business Process management – IABPM

((2) The registered office of the association is Wettenberg at Gießen.

(3) The financial year of the association is the legal calendar year.

Article 5, Contributions

(1) Partners are willing to support the further development of the subject field BPM actively, and to thereunto accomplish contributions of their own. The main focus of the development is agreed conjointly in the association. Essential contents are given to the other partners to the knowledge before a publication. At serious disagreements, a decision of all members of the association has to be reached.

(2) Partners are ready to provide all other partners with the materials worked out and work results, free of charge, which were worked out under their direction.

(3) The receiving partners have the right to transfer to the respective national language and to use the materials and work results.

(4) The partners oblige themselves to differ only from the jointly adopted results when this becomes necessary mandatory by country-specific requirements.

Article 6, Management and Representation

(1) The IABPM has partners’-meetings and a management committee as organs.

(2) The partners’-meeting consists of one representative each of the partners. It elects a chairman from its centre with a simple majority in each case for three years.

(3) The management committee runs the administrative business and represents the association to the outside. It consists of two members who are elected by the partners’-meeting for the duration of three years.

Article 7, Partner decisions

(1) All decisions assigned to the partners by law or these articles of partnership agreement are taken by partner decisions. Every partner has one voice. The representatives of the association meet once a year. In exceptions this meeting also can be replaced by a circulation procedure. The partners’-meeting is quorate if the assembly was called within an adequate period and at least 50% of the partners are present.

(2) Decisions about:
– the amendment of the partnership agreement
– dissolving of the partnership.
need a majority of 75% of the votes present.

((3) facts need a majority of 60% of the voices present.
– admission of further partners
– Release of the respective versions of the Common body stocking of Knowledge
– common standards and regulations for the certification.

(4) Other decisions require a simple majority of the votes present. Independently of the mentioned majority requirements, in principle, unanimity has to be striven for.

(5) The circulation-procedure is admissible provided that no member votes against this decision procedure. Incidentally the equal majorities are valid as in the case of decision making in the general meeting.

Article 8, Receipts / Expenditure

(1) All partners oblige themselves to finance the necessary administrative tasks jointly by contributions. About the activities to be financed jointly like also about the amount of the contributions, the partners’ meeting decides.

(2) By the management committee the reporting is carried out due to orderly records of all receivables and liabilities, receipts and expenditure of the association.
Within three months after the end of every business year a calculation completion for the result of the business year has to be prepared and presented to the partners; under specification of the receipts and expenditures.

(3) The costs of the representatives of the partners (travelling costs, expenses) are borne by the respective partners.

Article 9, Dissolution, Continuation Clause

(1) If a partner gives notice, then the receipt of the notice arouses the period of notice; the other partners continue the association.

(2) If the association gets reduced due to notices on less than two member partners it has to be completed and dissolved.

(3) In case of the dissolving or completion of IABPM, all rights, to the documents which were worked out and approved by then, remain at the previous partners.

Article 10, Salvation Clause

If a regulation of this contract should be ineffective, or get ineffective, or if the contract contains a gap, the legal effectiveness of the other regulations hereof remains untouched.

Article 11, Written Form

Amendments or complements of the contract require the writing form.

Article 12, Jurisdiction

The contract is subject to Swiss law.
The contract parties expressly recognize the Swiss law as a supplemental legal foundation to the contractual regulations.
As a place of jurisdiction Zürich-Glattbrugg (Switzerland) will be agreed.

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