EABPM is offering international certifications in Business Process Management as the Affiliate of ABPMP.


Practitioners who design processes on a professional basis or who are involved in process organization can obtain internationally recognized professional certification as Certified Business Process Professional® (CBPP) or Certified Business Process Associate® (CBPA). The certifications have globally uniform standards.

The certificate provides an unequivocal, verified qualification as a process management expert. The international nature of the title enables cross-border recognition and gives employers the assurance that certificate-holders speak the same language as specialist colleagues worldwide.

The certification is based on the Business Process Management Common Body of Knowledge CBOK®, available in English, German and French language. The book is available in bookshops such as Amazon.

Advantages of certification

  • Internationally recognized certificate as evidence of specialist knowledge in process management
  • Improved international career opportunities
  • Provides access to an international community of specialists
  • Internationally binding specialist framework of the relevant area of knowledge facilitates internal communication (common language)
  • Enables recognized certification to establish uniform quality standards
  • Tool for continuously updating knowledge through certification and re-certification
  • New element for a specialist career within the company

The relevant subsidiary in your country is responsible for the certification:

Germany: Gesellschaft für Organisation gfo Austria: Österreichische Vereinigung für Organisation und Management ÖVO Switzerland: Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Organisation und Management SGO, certification body VZPM France: Club des Pilotes de Processus, certification body AFNOR

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